How Nicky Kicks His Cold has been endorsed by many.

A wise Grandfather and a treasured old book teach Nicky how to kick his cold. Learning that his strength comes from within, Nicky calls upon the powerful Wietzel-Mankins to come and help fight the nasty cold germs. Armored with a strong vision, songs and ryhmes, Nicky wins the battle.


How Nicky Kicks His Cold is a unique multimedia concept to encourage children’s health, featuring a narrated and animated version of the story on DVD and beautifully composed songs on music CD.



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The body’s immune system is a true miracle. Amongst the most valuable fighters for our health are the White Blood Cells. The fairy tale How Nicky Kicks His Cold teaches children, in a playful way, about the work of the white blood cells, affectionately called Weitzel-Mankins.


Together with Nicky and the Weitzel-Mankins children learn the importance about basic hygiene elements such as washing their hands and how to actively support their immune system by right breathing and relaxing techniques.