Dr. Angelika Domschke is a scientist and artist devoted to educate, inspire and promote health.

As senior principal scientist she has helped to create several medically advanced materials for the use in Bio-Med to correct vision, detect glucose levels from tear fluids in eyes and to bandage damaged eyes while they heal. Her contributions have been published in numerous scientific journals and over 40 patents and patent applications. Dr. Domschke was nationally awarded for her accomplishments in Women’s Research Leadership in 2007.


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As an accomplished artist under the name “Angel” she has exhibited her paintings and sculptures internationally in prestigious Galleries such as Galleria Romanelli in Florence, Italy and many locations throughout Switzerland, Germany and the United States.


In 1996 Dr. Domschke became scientifically involved in the field of children’s health when she studied the mechanism of visualization and its effect on the human body.


How Nicky Kicks His Cold is a unique and inventive concept to encourage children’s health which resulted from her combined skills and passion in science and art.