This carefully researched goodnight story is intended to support the healing of children suffering from nasal congestion.


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The body’s natural healing mechanism is a true miracle. Amongst the most valuable fighters for our health are the white blood cells (also know as immune cells). These white blood cells, which are part of the immune system, help to defend the body against viruses, germs, fungi, and foreign materials (called antigens). Equipped with highly specialized tools, the white blood cells “race to the scene of the crime” where antigens have invaded the body. They multiply, attack and consume the invaders and help the body heal.


The fairy tale How Nicky Kicks His Cold teaches the child in a playful way about the work of the white blood cells, affectionately called the Wietzel-Mankins. Together, with the Wietzel-Mankins, the child learns about germs, cells and fundamental hygiene elements such as the importance of washing their hands.


The light-hearted story of Nicky and his friends the Wietzel-Mankins does more than educating. In the course of the story the child is guided gently in a step-by-step manner through the relaxation of mind and body and the actual visualization of the healing process. While the child learns about his or her own healing mechanism, the natural healing process is supported by the very powerful positive suggestion of healing images.


The use of positive suggestion created through words, pictures or music, is accepted in the medicine as an important part of the healing. The technique developed and applied on the basis of positive suggestion is called Guided Imagery. Numerous important and successful applications have been reported in many areas of medicine. A comprehensive list of these studies can be obtained from the Academy for Guided Imagery (Malibu, CA). How Nicky Kicks His Cold builds on this proven technique. Text and artwork are crafted and combined to maximize the very real power of positive suggestion to the child.


The visualization technique is further supported by humorous songs which reinforce the steps in the healing process. The children’s healing songs, as well as an animated version of the story, are available on CD and DVD. Singing these songs and watching the fun movie with your child will help your little patient cheer up and hold the positive affirmations firmly in mind.


Throughout, you will find the book to be very helpful and enjoyable for all. That is my goal, and my gift to you.


-- Angelika Domschke, Ph.D.